Biophilia Tracker Biorezonans And Emotion Matrix

The disease itself is not only physical problem, but problem of the whole personality of a human, which consists not only of his body, but also of his mind and emotions. Emotional and intellectual conditions play significant role both in susceptibility to all diseases, including cancer, and in ability to get rid of them.

NLS Device - The Effect Of Information On The Human Body - Part 1

The primary structural functional unit of the living organism is a cell. All changes significant for a bioobject start or stop on a cell level, the cell is a universal complex, the initial and final stages of realization of all biological processes.

NLS Device - Principles Of Information Exchange In A Living Organism

The sources of originating activity and self-movement should be traced to the phenomenon reflecting the influence of the environment, that is in open systems. Activity and self-movement are caused by the object‟s variables deviating form normal values when the object interacts with the surroundings. It is the deviation that is responsible for its reflection, information and feedback which in the long run from loops of information circulation producing functional systems.

European union intellectual property office certificate of registration for BIOPHILIA


The Basis Of Biophilia Tracker - Theory Of Entropy Logic

The theory of entropy logic, an interbranch field of scientific research into matter, has substantially broadened and extended the understanding of information interaction of biological systems. The theory of entropy logic is a very essential part of information theory developed by T. Van Hoven in 1980.

3D NLS Diagnostics With Metatron 4025 Hunter Of Cholangiocarcinoma In Patients Suffering From Intrahepatic Cholangiectasis

NLS-researches were carried out using “Metatron”- 4025 systems equipped with high-frequency trigger sensor (4.9 GHz), a unit of continuous spiral scanning and a feature of three-dimensional rendering. Acquired data was processed with specialized software “Metatron 4025 Hunter”.

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