Principles Of Picking Out Frequency Characteristics

In establishing fundamental principles for defining and picking out frequency characteristics of the information action factor with a predicted result one should be guided by laws of physics and biophysics, rules of theories of open systems and information science, synergism and chronobiology with application and generalization of some up-to-date methods of mathematical analysis and physico-mathematical simulation.

Common Regular Principles Of Purposive Selection Of Variables Of Information Influence Factors

On this basis it is possible to formulate the principle of information action – the achievement of the desired result with an external information factor involved depends on the rhythm synchronization of the functioning factor and the corresponding functional system or on a lasting effect of a certain rhythm of the oscillating process imposed by the operative factor on one or another functional system of the human body with optimum energy variables of this factor.

Possible Ways Of Influencing Bioenergy Capacity And Chronobiological Processes

Thus, it is possible to influence biological processes with different directivity by controlling the synthesis and disintegration of macroergs (ATP) owing to a change in the transmembrane potential; by influencing some specific functions of metabolism; by synchronizing or by imposing the corresponding oscillating process frequency on the bioobject functional systems to trigger the biological and behaviorial reactions ensuring the desired result.

NLS-Diagnostics Of Liver Focal Pathology With Meta Hunter System

Recently role of non-invasive diagnostics methods becomes more and more important. New systems, such as Meta Hunter system, appear; this system has great potentials in differentiation of pathological processes, including those at liver diseases. Modern expensive diagnostics equipment can be afforded only by large clinical and scientific centers, but relatively small medial departments may allow themselves to have equipment combining reasonable price and rather high diagnostic potentials. Optimal choice in this case may be computer NLS-graphy by means of Meta Hunter system. Not only accurate and well-timed diagnostics of disease has great importance, but also there is need to keep up certain financial limitations. In some cases, especially at planning of surgical intervention, NLS-graphy seems to be more reasonable than radiologic computed tomography (CT). NLS-method makes possible to use multifunctional program that allows therapists to carry out consecutive updating of affection character during one and the same examination.

Energy Capacity Of Bioobject Metabolism

Processes of generation of energy and its dissipation do not depend on one another directly, the selfadjusting balance between the energy produced and its dissipation is not possible, at the same time, for comprehensible reasons it is incompatible with life for the dissipation to go beyond energy production.

Frequency Range Of Operative Rhythms Of Structural Elements And Functional Systems Of The Living Organism

The dividing line between the structural elements and functional systems of the human body runs on a cell level as the cell is a primary functional system. In a living organism there are two closed systems, one of which is ?inserted? into the other – the cell (cells) and the organism as a whole. The latter has subsystems as its constituents. And the cell is a system, although subject to common correlative influence and relations, yet, at the same time functioning according to its own laws and in some cases (particularly when a pathology is the case) getting out of the control of that common correlative influence.

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