The Meta Hunter Is Widely Used

NLS method is being improved not only by means of introducing of new technical inventions, but by new ways of application. Simple surgical manipulations, such as biopsy are carried out with the help of ultrasound, fluoroscopy and computer tomography for a long time. Now biopsy can also be controlled by NLS.

The Trigger Sensor Of Metatron Hunter Scanner

Metatron Hunter Scanner can evaluate level of information background noise around destructed biological objects. Trigger sensor is a device that registers information background noise from biological objects. Trigger sensor is a broadband noise generator. Oscillator diode 2G401V is used as noise generator. Noise generator, after it adjusts to resonance frequency of biological object, allows to get frequency-resonance characteristics of noise from researched object in standard range of frequencies. Received signal may be sent to oscillator or computer for further frequency spectral analysis.

Theory Of Entropy Logic For Hunter 4025

Attempts of prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of many diseases, including peritonitis, made us to address to non-linear diagnostics systems (Such as Hunter 4025), which introduce additional information about amplitude of disease and allow to judge about disease prognosis, reading information from subconsciousness.

Vegeto-test And Reprinter Functions Of Metatron Hunter

Metatron Hunter is programmed with Homeopathic preparations which can be recorded on water, alcohol, lactose, or paraffin. The user can select the desired Homeopathic preparation, and the Metatron Hunter will send the frequency to the bottle in the bioresonance chamber.

What Is The Bioresonance? – Biophilia Intruder

Our world today has more illnesses than any other time in history.  While typical medical science has come a long way in helping those who deal with long term illnesses, we are still lacking in just how we can prevent illness. The answer to filling in the gap between optimal health and the medical community just may be BioResonance.

2D NLS-graphy And 3D NLS-graphy For Urinary Bladder Tumors

At the present time we are able to use extensively NLS-research of urinary bladder tumors with 3D reconstruction. The method allows visually presentation of the tumor and its correlation with surrounding tissues when making decision on choosing of surgical procedures type, and it allows storing the information in digital format.  Information storing provides the possibility for attending doctors to subsequently review the whole 3D information block which gives more objectiveness to 3D NLS-research.

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