Analysis Functions Of Biophilia Tracker NLS

The Biophilia Tracker NLS device is the most advanced Resonance spectroscopy analysis, Quantum resonance analysis, Acoustic resonance analysis, Tomography scanning available today.

Application Of Metatron Hunter 4025 In Gall Tumors

Application of metatron hunter 4025 helps to evaluate morphological character of tumorous affection of tissues and organs, which influences choosing of further treatment.

Biophilia Tracker And Entropic Logic Theory

The Biophilia Tracker preset bioelectric activity of neurocytes of brain, amplify selectively the signals usually hardly noticeable against statistical fluctuations, and finally to retrieve and decode the information containing in them. Equipment in a certain manner «takes the bearings» of such emissions by place of their origin in order to decode and record the on a computer screen where the virtual model of an organ is created in certain colors.

Cadistor - The Part Of Meta Hunter 4025

To improve patient’s intuitive ability to make trigger sensor register information background noise from biological objects, intuition improving device is designed – it is called “cadistor”. It’s the important part of the Meta Hunter 4025.

Constantly Development Of Metatron Hunter 4025 Scanner

Along with improved hardware "Metatron" the software is being improved also. "Metatron Hunter 4025 Scanner" is a revolutionary new step in creating software. Hundreds of virtual models, starting with chromosomes, DNA and cells and up to models of organs and joints, were added to "Metatron Hunter 4025 Scanner".

Development Of NLS Diagnostics

The Non-linear Diagnostic System (NLS)has been extensively used lately and are gaining ever growing popularity. Even in the few cases, where the clinical symptoms look very typical the NLS diagnostics method provides extra information about the extent of the affection and allows to consider a prognosis. In most cases it is of vital importance for diagnostics and subsequently for the right choice of treatment.

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