Application Of 3D NLS-diagnostics Of Biophilia Tracker In Oncology

Diagnostics and treatment of malignant neoplasms are the most urgent issues in modern medicine. Oncologists face not only problems of primary and updating diagnostics of tumoral diseases, but also evaluation of various methods of tumor treatment efficiency, well-timed diagnosing of recurrent tumors after treatment procedures. Introduction of new three-dimensional technologies with Biophilia Tracker of NLS-pictures acquiring into clinical practice allows solving of abovementioned diagnostic problems at qualitatively new and higher level.

Chronobiology And Energy Capacity Of Functioning Bioobjects

All forms of life depend on an amount of information determining the common basis of metabolism energy capacity for all of them. The information defining the role of ATP in these processes is practically indispensable for higher forms of life. This confirms that the process of information transfer is energetic, spatial and temporal and that chronobiological and energetic aspects of bioobject functioning are inseparably linked.

3D NLS-research Of Metatron Hunter 4025 For Diagnostics Of Gall Bladder And Gall-ducts Concretions

That is why appearance of Metatron Hunter 4025 systems with 3D pictures feasibility became a new development stage of NLS-graphy. The multidimensional reconstruction mode is based on rendering of 3 mutually perpendicular imaging planes of the organ. The advantage of such method is getting of accurate topographic-anatomical interrelations between targeted structures which results in improvement of picture perception.

The Effect Of Information On The Human Body - Part 2

The nervous impulse originating in the course of evolution replaces direct regulation of the organism (due to a change in the conception of products of basal metabolism) by regulation based on universal compounds-neuromediators abstracted from the primary functions of survival. Before all else, this, with interaction of external factors involved, makes it necessary to make an information synthesis – e.g. to relate incomparable causes and effects directly, on a biochemical basis.

The Effect Of Information On The Human Body - Part 1

The primary structural functional unit of the living organism is a cell. All changes significant for a bioobject start or stop on a cell level, the cell is a universal complex, the initial and final stages of realization of all biological processes.

Principles Of Information Exchange In A Living Organism

The sources of originating activity and self-movement should be traced to the phenomenon reflecting the influence of the environment, that is in open systems. Activity and self-movement are caused by the object?s variables deviating form normal values when the object interacts with the surroundings. It is the deviation that is responsible for its reflection, information and feedback which in the long run from loops of information circulation producing functional systems.

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