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The Basis Of Biophilia Tracker - Theory Of Entropy Logic

The theory of entropy logic, an interbranch field of scientific research into matter, has substantially broadened and extended the understanding of information interaction of biological systems. The theory of entropy logic is a very essential part of information theory developed by T. Van Hoven in 1980.

3D NLS Diagnostics With Metatron 4025 Hunter Of Cholangiocarcinoma In Patients Suffering From Intrahepatic Cholangiectasis

NLS-researches were carried out using “Metatron”- 4025 systems equipped with high-frequency trigger sensor (4.9 GHz), a unit of continuous spiral scanning and a feature of three-dimensional rendering. Acquired data was processed with specialized software “Metatron 4025 Hunter”.

NLS-diagnostics Of Metatron 4025 Hunter And Extrahepatic Biliary Ducts Diseases

Application of NLS-method of Metatron 4025 Hunter increases diagnostics accuracy up to 89% – 98%, which positively affects results of operation treatment.

3D NLS-method Of Metatron 4025 Hunter For Vascular Pathology

Those are by no means all the potentialities of the 3D NLS-method. To sum it up, the 3D NLS-method of Metatron 4025 Hunter is one of the most dynamic techniques and within the next years some new discoveries are likely to be expected of it.

3D NLS-graphy Of Meta Hunter And The Study Of Urinary Bladder Tumors

Goal of the article is to study 3D NLS-research of Meta Hunter possibilities in primary and corrective diagnostics of malignant urinary bladder tumors, examination of complications which develop during NLS-research of urinary bladder and also systematization, correction and supplementation of NLS-semiotics of urinary bladder tumors.

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