Meta Hunter And Quantum Physics

Meta Hunter, functioning at a quantum level, was created for the purpose of balancing the stress levels within a person’s inner structures. With the technology of this equipment, and with quality training you can be confident in your ability to help yourself, your loved ones, and those within your care.

Meta-correction Method Of NLS Health Analyzer

Method of informational wave correction (Meta-correction) is a further development of “MoRa” method in restoration of organs, tissues and organism’s cells functioning in case of disorders.

Meta-correction method represents influence to tissues and cell structures by combination of various modulated oscillations of torsion fields radiated by torsion generator.

Metatron Hunter 4025 - Development Of Three-dimensional NLS-diagnostics

Even now when methods of three-dimensional NLS-diagnostics with Metatron hunter 4025 are in stage of formation and standardization, it is possible to conjecture direction of their further development in relation to mutual competence and complementarity.

New NLS-graphy Of Bioplasm Machine In Pancreas Cancer Diagnostics

 These technologies provide very high space resolution of NLS-research, allow to evaluate morphological character of neoplasms non-invasively, acquire precise topographically oriented images of various blood vessels.

New Revolution – Metatron 4025 Hunter

In this institute a leading diagnostic apparatus has been elaborated, thanks to which it is possible to have a look on all the stages from health till disease, by using the wave characteristics of the organic tissues, and even of the particular cells and chromosomes. The Metatron 4025 Hunter is the most modern medical techniques available, which belongs to the most astonishing achievements of our century. This is a unique diagnostic apparatus, based on the spectrum analysis of rotating magnetic fields of living organisms.

NLS Of Biophilia Tracker In Diagnostics Of Intervertebral Hernias

NLS of biophilia tracker may become one of the leading methods in diagnostics of intervertebral hernias and evaluation of their treatment effectiveness by surgical methods.

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