The Homeopathy And The Metatron Hunter 4025

The Metatron Hunter 4025 is a good way to achieve Homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies start with substances, such as herbs, minerals, or animal products. These substances are first crushed and dissolved in a liquid -- usually grain, alcohol, or lactose -- mechanically shaken, then stored. This is the "mother tincture." Homeopaths then dilute tinctures more with alcohol or lactose, either 1 part to 10 (written as "x") or 1 part to 100 (written as "c"). These tinctures are shaken, yielding a 1x or 1c dilution. Homeopaths can further dilute these tinctures 2 times (2x or 2c), 3 times (3x or 3c), and so forth. Many times professional homeopaths will use much higher dilutions, because they believe the more diluted the substance, the more potent its healing powers.

The History And Development For NLS Device

Theoretical and experimental development of NLS-technology started in the late 19th century by a man named Nikola Tesla. It was further studied by scientist J. Lakhovsky, who experimented with RF effects on animals and plants. Later, the American researcher R. Rife studied the effects of radio frequencies on humans. His analysis is included in the software of the NLS Device.

The Development History Of Metatron Hunter

The American R. RIFE measured the influence of the electromagnetic frequencies on the “bio-field” or “biological field” of the human being.
Towards 1950, the German R. VOLL developed  methods to measure the energy of acupuncture points.  He particularly measured the electric potential of the “biologic active points” which reflect the functional degree of an organ. VOLL’s method gave sometimes inexact measurements, but later development gave more precise results. One of the latest methods is called “non-linear analysis – NLS” and is used by the metatron hunter.

The Brain Machine Biophilia NLS By Quantum Entropy Theory

The operation principles of the Biophilia NLS device system which belong to the biofeedback and "brain machines" class are based on fundamentals of Nesterov - Van Hoven quantum entropy logic theory.

The Biophilia Tracker 4D Bioresonance Machine

The Biophilia Tracker is a kind of Pathomorphology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Phamacology, Organ preparation, Nutraceuticals and analysis system of clinical medical database.

Ten guiding principles for understanding Bioresonance Therapy Of Biophilia Intruder

At Biophilia Intruder, we make it is possible to undergo careful diagnosis using testing to determine the specific allergens, and even the specific body tissues and organs that have pathological oscillations. Based on these diagnostic findings the Bioresonance device can be used to balance these pathological oscillations, and enhance the healthy ones. The Bioresonance therapy device is excellent for the treatment of a wide array of allergies, including food intolerances with spectacular results, as well as many other disease processes.

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