Biophilia NLS Intruder And NLS-diagnostics

Today, as we can see, non-linear diagnostics is one of the most prospective and fast-moving branch of medical science and practice, having all necessary institutional attributes, the main of which is formally established and active professional society of non-linear diagnostics experts – the International Academy of non-linear diagnostic systems (IANDS).

Application Of Metatron Hunter 4025 In Gall Tumors

Application of metatron hunter 4025 helps to evaluate morphological character of tumorous affection of tissues and organs, which influences choosing of further treatment.

2D NLS-graphy And 3D NLS-graphy For Urinary Bladder Tumors

At the present time we are able to use extensively NLS-research of urinary bladder tumors with 3D reconstruction. The method allows visually presentation of the tumor and its correlation with surrounding tissues when making decision on choosing of surgical procedures type, and it allows storing the information in digital format.  Information storing provides the possibility for attending doctors to subsequently review the whole 3D information block which gives more objectiveness to 3D NLS-research.

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