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Product Description

1, what is terahertz wave?
A: Terahertz wave refers to a kind of light wave with very short wavelength electromagnetic wave with frequency in the range of 0.003-0.3THZ The energy penetrated 20-30CM into the human body, and the thermal effect generated has strong penetrating power and high efficiency.

2. The advantages of terahertz wave over other electromagnetic waves?
A: Compared with X-rays, y-rays and other rays generated by the transition of the inner electrons or nuclei of stimulated atoms,terahertz waves propagate linearly, and their universal low photon energy will not damage tissues and DNA; For visible light,infrared and far infrared, terahertz wave has good penetration performance, and can detect the internal defects and hidden objects of materials that cannot be detected in these bands.

3, is terahertz light wave physiotherapy instrument suitable for everyone?
A: Yes, terahertz light wave physiotherapy itself is a kind of light wave effect, just like light, anyone can irradiate, suitable
for men, women, young and old! can also for children, it can effectively promote bone growth and concentrate attention, but we solemnly declare that terahertz light wave physiotherapy instrument is to regulate sub-health problems of human body, and it does not have the effect of treatment. If there is a disease, hospital treatment should be considered first.

4, can terahertz light wave physiotherapy be done every day?
A: Yes, first of all, terahertz light wave physiotherapy instrument is harmless to the human body and can be done every day.Second, sub-health problems are not caused in a period of time, but accumulated over time, so it needs to be conditioned until the body's defense barrier is re established or restored. When the Yang Qi in the body gradually gains the dominant position, you can not do terahertz every day, maybe once a week, or 10-15 days. And 15-20mins every time is ok for you.

It emits light and heat after being electrified, and resonates with the corresponding elements in the human body, which is rich in a variety of electromagnetic wave elements beneficial to the human body, so as to achieve the role of auxiliary physiotherapy.
It can bring a large number of negative ions to cells, solve the problem that the body is in a state of excessive accumulation of positive ions, awaken the absorption capacity of human body functions, and relax muscles.
Main conditioning symptoms: dispel dampness and expel cold, dredge meridians, shoulder and neck pain, lumbar muscle strain, spleen and stomach deficiency cold, arthritis, breast hyperplasia, palace cold, old cold legs, prostate and other problems.

Product Usage

Product usage introduction

1.Connect the instrument power cord to the power outlet properly
2.Adjust the gear switch to the corresponding gear according to the demand, and the instrument is turned on
3.Turn off the instrument switch after use to ensure that both have been stopped
4.Unplug the power plug and place the instrument on an insulated surface until it is completely cooled
5.Store the cooled instrument in a safe, dry, clean environment, and keep away from sunlight

Description of product use effect

Terahertz wave can activate nerves and cells to increase human metabolism, provide fresh nutrition to cells, improve the absorption of energy by cell mucosa, adjust the balance of human cells, activate and improve a variety of enzymes, and enhance material metabolism and energy metabolism. Light waves instantly produce high temperature at the stasis in the body, quickly kill mutant cells, open meridians, activate dormant cells, strengthen, enhance, repair and soften damaged cells. Inhibiting cell mutation and treating all diseases caused by cytopathy have remarkable curative effect.

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