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Are you suffering the following ?

* Difficulty to fall asleep 
* Sleep lightly(caused by nightmare) 
* Energy can’t be recovery after sleep 
* Easily awakened, be sensitive to voice or light 
* Insomnia caused by body disease 
* Caused by mental or emotional disease 
* Caused by alcohol, irritant or other things 
* Depression, anxiety, fatigue, absent-minded 
* CES Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation helps you out of these sufferings.


According to medical clinical research, the frequency of brain wave in normal sleeping condition are 0.5-3 Hz per second and amplitude is 0-200V. At this situation, people are in a state of unconsciousness and sleep quality is higher.

This Insomnia Treatment Device adopts CES therapy.CES is the abbreviation of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, also called" Transcranial micro-current stimulation therapy". the principle of this therapy is to simulate the normal wave frequency of human body through low-intensity micro-current diffuse stimulation of the limbic system of the brain, affect and improve abnormal brain waves, and increase the depth of sleep, and make the brain secrete neurohormones that can regulate people's emotional awareness and various physiological activities, so as to achieve effective treatment of insomnia and neurasthenia.



Chronic pain /pain related disorders

1. Noninvasive
2. No side effect
3. Drug free


Pre-treatment preparation

1. Please ensure the power of the console before using.
2. Clean the skin of earlobe thoroughly with mild soapy water and moisten it to strengthen the conductive mausoleum.
3. Connect the ear clip electrode into the main unit.

Therapeutic steps

1. Please clamp one side of the ear clip connection line to the acupoint;
2. Long press Power button to turn on;
3. Short press "+" key to enlarge the power of treatment; Short-key for down power;
4. Short press power button to begin the treatment, at this time the screen time display countdown from 15 minutes;
5. If suspension of treatment is needed, press power key, long press power key to end treatment.

Treatment session recommendations

Treatment 2-3 times a day with an interval of more than 3 hours each time;
Every 10 days a course of treatmen please stop using for 1-2 days before the beginning of the new course;
Each treatment time is 30 minutes, children under 10 years of age and the elderly over 60 years of age are advised to start treatment with low power each time.

Brand Name Singularity
Type Insomnia Treatment
Model No CES Insomnia Treatment Device
Packing size
Color White
Origin China (Mainland)
Warranty 1 year

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